March 05

and she is back….


never has a truer word been spoken….

After four years of what I can only describe as a self imposed disaster zone where I left no stone unturned in my effort to hide from myself, I am back to doing what I love making stuff, laughing at myself and creating more mess than necessary.

Welcome to FULLSTOP

These are the only two speeds I know full on or a dead stop. And those that know me well know that I apply this to every aspect of my life be it parenting, housework, exercise or art. Unfortunately I have not discovered the multiple speeds that other people seem to have.

I realise I cant change this, or apologise for it anymore.

I cant promise you a regular blogging schedule but what I can promise is to share with you little snippets of my life, my art and my family in all its messy glory. I will make mistakes and you will have a front row seat so hang on.