May 27


Kaisercraft Design Team 2014 Entry

“Never give up on something that you cant go a day without thinking about”

Yep and that was what happened after years away from a hobby that I simply adored I realised I wanted back in… I wanted to make a wild mess… and I did


There is something very comforting about working on a large desk that only has a 12′ square free…. you have to dig a little to find what you are after but it remains within arms length.. For my OCD friends please resist the urge to sit next to me at retreats I will drive you crazy.

But out of the ashes of this crazy came 3 different projects for the Kaiser design call 2014-2015 that I am enormously proud of.


Using the most beautiful range ‘Kaleidescope’ 6×6 pad and a bag of collectables I set to work to produce a frame for my little princess Miss D who is more than a little obsessed with all things pretty.


this frame is about 3cm high and has layers and layers on top of one another to make the butterfly pop.

The butterfly itself is made up of numerous layers and fancy cutting, there is paste  an paint and sewing in there too..



‘Remember all the reasons I love you…’


Miss D is a live wire and her hair in this photo resembles the end result of handling a live wire… wow on the quite I used a whole bottle of conditioner to tame that hair…. Using another beautiful range from Kaiser ‘Telegraph Road’ I have designed a layout that is so reflective of my style. I love a hidden journal page and more photos and lots of layering of those wonderful collectables.


When space is at a premium with three kids I am a realist when it comes to storing all these layouts that is why I will always hide journalling and more photos behind the original layout… as a kid I loved peek-a-boo books and I am constantly using them in my layouts…

So enter more photos..


and then finally


or in my case the over the top project….

I love my Boho chic pressed metal buffet that I am going to use as my jewellery box in my bedroom.

I love the textures achieved by running insulation tape through the cuttle bug… about 7 meters of the stuff and then using white ink and aqua ink and gold rub and buff to obtain that rustic blueish aged tones…



I hope you can see why I created such a mess now….. sometimes when you are in the mood you just have to roll with the flow and to hell with the aftermath. Now off to clean it up..

cheers nx