July 21

My love child story…..

I love babies…

I mean I really really love them, but I didn’t know that I wanted a gazillion of them until I fell pregnant, but sadly that baby was not meant for this earth. It was so so heartbreaking and life changing…. because in that instance I knew I wanted half a dozen but that too proved to be difficult. 3 Premmie babies and the husband and the rest of the family said NO, under no circumstances NO.

And when you walk out of the hospital on the third time after 7 weeks and they kindly ask you not to return you know your reproducing days are over!

but I still love them….want them…

so this months Kaiser release was made for me – Pitter Patter.



have a look here on the Kaiser Blog for more details on the Card Keeper and later in the week I will show you how to one together…

And then this is my story. My Adoption story.


I finally got around to telling my story that is a little different to most peoples stories… It is about a love of two mothers. This is why I scrapbook to tell my story, the story of my kids that may get swallowed up and forgotten over time. It has nothing to do with texture, paint or flowers those are optional extras, Icing so to speak.. remember that guys. Some photos may speak a thousand words to you but in 50 years and for another generation they may be just great photos with no story.

You are the best author of your story!!! tell. make it pretty… but tell it!




But pretty paper does help and Kaiser well you nailed it with this collection… it is beautiful…

Cheers naomi. (fullstop)