July 23

Stop, Stop right now put down the lead pencil

I mean it put down the lead pencil and hide that eraser…. because those two implements of torture will do nothing but wear you down and have you convinced that you can’t draw.

I can’t use them, honestly. They mess with my brain and cause a complete stop of any creative mojo!

Why you may well ask?

Because instead of drawing you become incredibly focused on getting an eye or a nose or a mouth perfect… and you will draw and rub out and then draw and rub out and then the doubt starts to creep in and the ‘I cants’ and pretty soon you are walking away because you have lost what you wanted to draw in the pursuit of perfection.

They are all but banned in our house… you will be pretty hard pressed to find either one.

Perfection is highly overrated… Drawing is a continual process of trial and error, and you need to let go of the ‘perfection’ you have in your brain because it will leave you heartbroken. Drawing takes practice and time. I stand by my statement that everyone can draw, they just need to start.

I have numerous books, journals and in this case a unused but bought with the best intentions 2014 Diary. They are scattered through the house and in the car and I use what ever I have on hand to draw.. they are ideas and concepts and thoughts, they are really messy and disjointed but they are a start…..

Some days they are just scribbles and flowy lines…. some days they are light lines and other days they are heavy and harsh. (depends on the mood and who I am talking to on the phone)


Drawing is a skill just like driving you have to practice it… and keep practicing it.




if you have a look at some ( OK all) of my drawings, there are multitudes of lines and guidelines and mistakes but each one served a purpose. They are messy and confusing but to me through a series of lines and movements I moved a nose, shaped some hair and gave her movement.



I found this great quote the other day that went something like

  ‘i spent my entire childhood wanting to draw like an adult and my entire adulthood wanting to draw like a child’

I am constantly inspired by my girls, when they are let loose in the studio they immediately reach for their favourite colors and start making lines and characters… They live and breathe the ‘Ish’ Theory

It looks tree-ish

It looks flower-ish

It looks mermaid-ish

and do you know, they are loving the process, the playing, the beautiful colours, I would give anything to be a kid again. To not be so hung up on what you think it should look like or be.


 So my advice is if you want to draw… just draw. Draw everyday.  Pick up a coloured pen or pencil and throw caution to the wind…

Draw like a Kid is my advice to you


naomi (fullstop)