July 25

it is all a matter of style or a lack of it……

Style is bandied around in my neck of the woods.

What is your style? that is so and so’s style? that is so your style….you don’t have a style really do you?

The word ‘Style’ used to freak me out and basically had formed a picket line in my head and it had the big guns (Critic and Fear) on its side chanting. When you are on design teams it is a real honour but it is also a battle field as you compare yourself to all your fellow design team members.. am I up to scratch they are so talented, what are you doing? maybe if you take a little of that style on you will be ok. On and on it goes…

And then I STOP. And I remember … to let it go


And guess what people, my style changes with my mood and that is what makes it exciting and keeps me coming back for more.

I don’t want to be known as just a scrapbooker, or a carmaker, or mixed media or a painter…..

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I want to do it all and somedays I worry that there isn’t enough hours in the days or in my lifetime to try it all. I want to make jewellery, sculpt a piece for my house, carve some leather, make some books, take great photos the list increases everyday… But that is the fun of it all.

I really don’t want to be pigeoned holed in what I produce and have people expect a certain body of work from me. I want to be inspired by what I am seeing and feeling and I want to try new techniques that others have mastered. I want to learn and keep changing…





Isn’t that what being an artist all about? playing and trying and making mistakes and moving on..

In any form of art, scrapbooking, photography, life and relationships in general I have found out things by mistakes, some are recoverable and others are irreparable but you know something I LEARNED something every time…

Like how accidents happen and you need to fix them… make them beautiful and memorable. Making the most of spilled gesso on my computer desk, painting mermaids that have a fear of living in the shallows



My husband still shakes his head every time he sees this and claims that there are other ways to clean up paint spills…. well yes there are but none of them are much fun.


So I guess what I am saying is pull out those notepads and write a story that is within….or paint it…. or live it with every breath you have. Be an inspired by everything and don’t be afraid to give it a go because it  doesn’t fit your ‘Style’

happy friday

naomi (fullstop)