August 23

The Quest for an ‘Obituary photo’

‘So sit down, tell me what’s your story?’

It was an innocent enough question, but Bev wasn’t after the version I usually gave people… and god love her for reminding me that my story was so much more and that I need to take centre stage and tell it.

Enter Camp Mojo 2015


layout by jen hall

I am by nature a shy person that loves people… I just don’t like to be the centre of attention, so when the lovely Sherry suggested that I teach at her annual Scrapbooking camp I was overwhelmed and overcome with sheer panic of self doubt and anxiety that stayed and intensified the closer I got to the hunter valley… knowing that I was teaching a large number of these really talented, well known ladies from all around the country.

As the list grew so did my doubt as Peg-i-love-her-hewitt, Jo-i-cant-teach-her-anything-Kinder, Kylie-a-master-Tout, Lisa-freaking-colour-queen-Oxley and Jen-multitalented-biggest-fan-ever-Hall booked in….these are people I had followed on-line had been a huge inspiration to me for years and I was meant to teach them something!! (hahahahaha hand me the paper bag and remind me to breath.)

I guess the one thing I love more than self-preservation is creating stuff…. I love teaching people that they can achieve something they didn’t believe they could do. I love the little a-ha moments they have and how once they have the basics they are off and running and leave me in their wake.

This is what happened when I taught these girls…


all weekend I caught these little pops of colour peoples desks each one had their own personality.. it honestly made my heart sing and it still does now when people post their journal pages, their artworks, the techniques.

But the true highlight of the weekend was a gift that will continue giving for many many years….it is the gift of a Tribe


A tribe that understands life is messy, colourful and memorable., and that is why we tell the stories and take the photos that capture a moment in time that you want to relive time and time again…. Peg reminded me the importance of telling the ‘warts and all’ and not glossing over the hard ugly bits and Scrapbooking is about the stories not just the creative design of a page.

to this table of amazing ladies  plus an absent Libby thank you… to giggles and tears and stories shared.

But an enormous learning curb of the weekend was standing in front of the camera and completely losing it… ‘I don’t DO photos’ in fact I hate them… and a lot of that has to do with how I see myself which in a word is ‘broken’

Jen and Bev were there for the breakdown and possibly for the breakthrough as I got honest with my struggles and told a part of my story that was ugly and hard… and I listened to them coach me, support me, hug me and show so much compassion and kindness and I listened to them remind me of the importance of being in the photo, of owning my story, of being in my story…. and of having an obituary photo

SO this is my obituary photo…..

photo by jen Hall Photography

photo by jen Hall Photography

It tells the story of me perfectly…. it tells you that I am shy and hate to be the centre of attention, that I love my creative path and I wear my heart and a good deal of my passion on my sleeve…. I am a perfectly imperfect mess!

A million thanks camp mojo…. see you next year to do it all over again

naomi x