August 24

the Quest for the Obituary photo… PART2

Please know with all the chat of post mortem photos I am not planning to turn up my toes any time soon…

The quest for the Obituary photo came from Bev Nichol, a funny beautiful soul that, gets that you are meant to squeeze every second out of the moment but most importantly she is determined to make you realise that your story is important, you deserve  to be remembered and celebrated and if you don’t tell your story NOW, who will???

Honestly…. if you constantly hide because you aren’t looking your best, your hair isn’t done, you have double chins, unplucked eyebrows, mismatched clothes or just constantly taking photos of others (yep that is my story right there)… what will those ‘others’ have to remember you, what will your kids remember about you in 50 years?

Recently I have been looking through old photos of myself and my sister growing up… and it amazing that the simple photo has me remembering memories that have nothing to do with the actual photo..

blue pete

Like the cubby in the background that many many holidays Cherie and I tried to sleep out in it but the swish of the branches and the spiders crawling up the plastic lined walls had as screaming and fighting over the door to get the hell out of there. Or that Blue Pete used to eat Cherie’s feet when he did not want to do something… or that hole that we lined with plastic and filled with water because dad wouldn’t build us a pool!!!

So take a photo of yourself, do it for your kids, do it for your beautiful friends and family who want to remember every single thread of your being… but most importantly do it for yourself, because you are amazing and no one quite carries a smile or a scar like you… you have a a brilliant tapestry of stories that are woven together to put you exactly where you are meant to be and to be surrounded by people who will love you until…

so do it… tell just one story


if I can so can you… I love mornings and warm little legs curled around mine trying to suck my warmth… with Cordelia whispering before I have even opened my eyes ‘mum… mum… what are we doing today??’… it will be a sad day when the bed is empty and I don’t have to share my blankets

So today, it is monday a good time to start a new challenge….(because lets face it all diets and dramatic life changes happen at the start of the week and end by tuesday) and in honour of Bev

Sit down, and tell me what is your story???