August 25

Hugh Jackman spoke to me this morning…

Well me and 20 million other people having their morning coffees while scooting kids into clothes and finding lost shoes, signing permission forms, cleaning up spilt cornflakes (thanks Rosie,the retriever for your built in tongue mop…I will actually mop today Mum!) and making lunches while trying to squeeze in some global awareness of what is happening in the world!

I stray from the topic back to Hugh… he said something like and I paraphrase because my memory is shot.

‘Do what you love and work really hard everyday…. do it not for money or fame because that won’t be enough… do it for love and passion’

For years I have held the desire to run my own retreat, a little hippie-commune feel retreat where people meet and share what they are passionate about whether it be scrapbooking, project life, card making, beading drawing/painting because lets face it without getting technical this is ‘Mixed media’ and you have been doing it for years.

But imagine what you could achieve if you walked away from a weekend having learnt something new from every person you met and engaged with… it would be the closest thing to UTOPIA

One thing I have learnt over the years of teaching is that everyone can draw/paint/create, everyone has the ability be live creatively, you may choose to paint your world or cook, sculpt or doodle, colour in or write, knit or sew, you could make candles or soaps, jewellery BUT YOU MUST CHOOSE TO live that way..

So with that in mind for the longest time a friend of mine and myself have toyed with the idea of running this kind of retreat, where everyone is welcome to come and share your talents, share your disasters and laugh… the room must be full of laughter,chatter and busy fingers and open hearts.

Our enthusiasm has actually materialised into more than just talk over coffee. It has resulted in venue negotiations, shop chatter, dates,table settings and classes. Between the two of us we bring 2 totally different perspectives to the table She Brings Organisation to mine and I bring a crazy kind of Creative Chaos to hers but together it will be magic

So hold on to your tail coats as in the coming months we launch our special kind of retreat


much love nx