September 01

A Journal Prompt…

I have many many Journals.

One might say I have a slight addiction to the hopes and dreams one imagines they are going to fill the pages with..


hahahahahahah… and then reality strikes

I crack it open, feel the beautiful paper and smell the crisp whiteness of the page, and then


The Inspiration, the big dreams disappear. I am overcome that I will ruin it about 2 pages in. So I stack them neatly in my shelf and go back to working on sheets of paper. For some reason that isn’t as scary as filling a whole book!

After having the honour of peering into many Art journalist diaries at a recent retreat, I was entranced by the colourful pages and multitudes of textures that you could literally see there love for colour and playing and trying new things… At no time did I see the fear I had.

So inspired to give it a crack I quite literally cracked open an untainted journal from the shelf, let it open where it opened and started with a quote from the amazing Ronald Dahl

we are the dreamers of dreams

found a medium I was comfortable with and set to work, working quickly so that inner art critic didn’t set to work and taint yet another album (hahahha – maybe next week sucker)


watercolour, acrylic pain and prismacolour pencils…. no time for gesso maybe next time, maybe…


canson Art journal and watercolours… they rock

So play along….. what are your dreams?