about me


How are you?

Thank you for popping in to say hello, and if you have got to the ABOUT page you would like to know a little more about me.

So Allow me to introduce myself,  a 40 year old ex-nurse mother of three, wife of one ( hahahaha )  and housemaid to very tampered pooches that are my constant companions. After years of being “just mum” I figured it was time to hunt down some long lost dreams of my own… Notably to be a PAID ARTIST!

This blog will be a little journey into this quest to find naomi.The naomi I packed away until the kids were older, the world was easier, and I magically became more organised…Well that day never arrived but what did is the realisation that I need to live each day creatively and with purpose. Hence the blog title Naomi (full stop)

Anyone who knows me knows that ‘I go in hands feet and heart until I don’t!’ I do everything this way from cleaning the house to brushing my hair. That is the roller coaster that my husband bought the ticket to so many years ago… it is me

So thank you for dropping in the only things I can guarantee with this blog is that it will bumpy and chaotic, disjointed but an honest account of what I am feeling and doing, consider it an open journal as I write my story through painting, drawing, scrapbooking and journalling

hang in there and drop me a line occasionally.

over and out…. naomi fullstop!