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September 14


I cant remember a time in my life when I didn’t know that I was adopted. Mum and Dad told my sister and I at the same time and I remember for much of my life it didn’t really mean too much of a difference… I had a great childhood filled with horses and friends, […]

September 01

A Journal Prompt…

I have many many Journals. One might say I have a slight addiction to the hopes and dreams one imagines they are going to fill the pages with.. hahahahahahah… and then reality strikes I crack it open, feel the beautiful paper and smell the crisp whiteness of the page, and then BANG The Inspiration, the […]

August 31

WYSM – Own your own CRAZY.

WYSM – stands for whats’s your story Monday Sometimes you just have to own it, you have to acknowledge who you are and where you have come from to ever have a hope of moving forward,  So in the spirit of owning my own crazy I will share it!  But first I need to rewind […]

August 25

Hugh Jackman spoke to me this morning…

Well me and 20 million other people having their morning coffees while scooting kids into clothes and finding lost shoes, signing permission forms, cleaning up spilt cornflakes (thanks Rosie,the retriever for your built in tongue mop…I will actually mop today Mum!) and making lunches while trying to squeeze in some global awareness of what is happening […]

August 24

the Quest for the Obituary photo… PART2

Please know with all the chat of post mortem photos I am not planning to turn up my toes any time soon… The quest for the Obituary photo came from Bev Nichol, a funny beautiful soul that, gets that you are meant to squeeze every second out of the moment but most importantly she is […]

August 23

The Quest for an ‘Obituary photo’

‘So sit down, tell me what’s your story?’ It was an innocent enough question, but Bev wasn’t after the version I usually gave people… and god love her for reminding me that my story was so much more and that I need to take centre stage and tell it. Enter Camp Mojo 2015 I am by nature […]

July 25

it is all a matter of style or a lack of it……

Style is bandied around in my neck of the woods. What is your style? that is so and so’s style? that is so your style….you don’t have a style really do you? The word ‘Style’ used to freak me out and basically had formed a picket line in my head and it had the big guns […]