July 23

Stop, Stop right now put down the lead pencil

I mean it put down the lead pencil and hide that eraser…. because those two implements of torture will do nothing but wear you down and have you convinced that you can’t draw. I can’t use them, honestly. They mess with my brain and cause a complete stop of any creative mojo! Why you may […]

July 21

My love child story…..

I love babies… I mean I really really love them, but I didn’t know that I wanted a gazillion of them until I fell pregnant, but sadly that baby was not meant for this earth. It was so so heartbreaking and life changing…. because in that instance I knew I wanted half a dozen but […]

July 20

just breathe…

  I have just come off the busiest 3 months on record… jet setting here and there, teaching in now 3 different locations and the most exciting of all the news is that I got the gig at Kaisercraft on their 2014-2015 design team amongst some mighty fine competition… GO have a look here to […]

July 19

a talk to the inner critic…

  I have really struggled with that inner critic most of my life and in some ways it has unfortunately dictated the roads I have taken. We all have that nasty little critter in us somewhere, sometimes it is an dull whisper and other times it has all the airplay in your head…. and this week the airways […]

June 17

Kaiser design team Round 2 – yay me..

‘When you honour your creative impulses, Life will bring you exactly what you need to make art that influences the world in the most delightful way’ I am so honored to be selected for round 2 of the Kaiser Design team amongst some incredibly talented ladies in the world of scrapbooking now days… To the point where […]

May 27

Kaisercraft Design Team 2014 Entry

“Never give up on something that you cant go a day without thinking about” Yep and that was what happened after years away from a hobby that I simply adored I realised I wanted back in… I wanted to make a wild mess… and I did There is something very comforting about working on a […]

March 05

and she is back….

never has a truer word been spoken…. After four years of what I can only describe as a self imposed disaster zone where I left no stone unturned in my effort to hide from myself, I am back to doing what I love making stuff, laughing at myself and creating more mess than necessary. Welcome […]